At Choice Gymnastics, we offer several competitive levels of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics sanctioned under USAG. We believe that gymnastics is is a sport that promotes both individual and team accomplishments that can only be reached with the support and determination of each athlete. We also know the benefits of gymnastics are widespread, teaching athletes strong teamwork skills, responsibility and self-confidence.


Tryouts to join Choice Gymnastics’ Team is for athletes that have never competed before. At this time we do not have try outs scheduled. Please register through the Parent Portal.


For current competitive athletes looking to transfer into our program, please fill out the Team Request section of our Contact Form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Prep Team

Levels: Mini-Prep & Prep

Hours: 2-3 hours / week

Our prep team program builds the foundation for our future team members. This is a pre-team level that consists of our Mini-Prep (ages 3-6) and Prep (ages 7-11) classes with the purpose of preparing gymnasts for future competition by focusing on proper technique, form, progressions and strength. Students are invited into this program based on their skill level, work ethic, maturity in class and desire to compete. Although they are not yet in the competitive program, they are able to participate in the Spring Showcase at the end of each season.

Training Team

Levels: Post-tryouts

Hours: 4-6 hours / week

Our training team consists of our newest potential team members that have made it through the first round of tryouts. Training groups practice twice a week and focus on discipline, technique, skills and strength needed for their first year of competition season. Typically after two months, competitive tracks are decided and gymnasts are ready to be placed into their respective levels for the upcoming season. These introductory levels are Xcel Bronze and DP Level 3 or DP level 4.

Compulsory Team

Levels: 2-5

Hours: 10-16 hours / week

The Developmental Program creates a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely through each level. The compulsory program is progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level. In competition, gymnasts perform routines set forth by USA Gymnastics to ensure proper technique is being trained. Our level 3-5 gymnasts compete throughout South Carolina and surrounding states from December to April. Athletes qualify to the state meet with a required all-around score. Gymnasts train year-round.

Optional Team

Levels: 6-10

Hours: 16 hours / week

The Optional Program is comprised of levels 6-10. Gymnasts continue progressing by building on previous skills but are now able to compete routines that are tailored to their personalities and accentuate their skill strengths. Our optional team competes in South Carolina and the surrounding region from December through April. Athletes qualify to the state meet with a required all-around score. Level 6-10 can advance to their Regional competition by qualifying at their State Meet, while level 9-10 meet season extends to their National competition by qualifying at their Regional Meet. Gymnasts train year-round.

Xcel Team

Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphire

Hours: 4-16 hours / week

The Xcel program is a USAG sanctioned competitive route, outside the traditional Junior Olympic program, that offers less training hours and financial commitment. At each level, gymnasts perform optional style routines that showcase their individual skill strengths. Our Xcel gymnasts compete approximately two times per month in South Carolina and surrounding states from December through March. Each level qualifies to their state meet by obtaining a required all-around score. Athletes also have the opportunity to compete in their Regional meet by qualifying at their State meet. Gymnasts train year-round.